That’s it. Stop calling your friend superstitious for believing in spirituality. For fact, spirituality and religion plays a major role in improving mental health. It helps understand the true meaning of life. It helps perceive how relationship with a higher power influences your take on life. Religion and spirituality are terms that are used interchangeably. Though it holds true in few cases, they have contrasting meanings.

Religion is a community based system. It is defined by the organize nature. Spirituality comes from within. It depends on what you personally believe in. The real difference is felt when you practice them. Religion is the superset, while spirituality can be a subset or universal set. There is spirituality inside religion. But you can still be spiritual without having a religion.

Nevertheless, practicing any of these enhances your mental health. It gives an individual more tolerance to stress. It gives everyone a purpose. It helps generate peace and forgiveness from within. There are mutually exclusive benefits of practicing religion and spirituality.

Mental health benefits of practicing religion

It gives a sense of structure and something to believe in. It strengthens social connections within the community. You feel like belonging to a bigger group. The rituals help immensely in coping up with loss of loved ones. It creates relaxing space in form of religious holidays and other occasions. The teachings from your prophecies, gives structured guidelines for life.

Mental health benefits of practicing spirituality

Spirituality helps find individuality in any environment. It has inherent benefits like self-improvement, through choice. If religion is a matter of chance, spirituality is a matter of choice. It improves your abilities in taking decisions. You can firmly state your stand on all life matters. It encourages you to mediate and reflect on self. It makes you feel connected to a bigger and mightier force.


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